What Is The Average Life Of A Computer?

sadmacHow long can a computer live before it bites the dust?

The average life of a computer is between 4-5 years. Averages, by definition, are not a hard and fast number. In mathematics, an average is the intermediate number or degree.

What does that mean? That doesn’t mean your computer is going to self destruct between 4-5 years, and it doesn’t mean that your computer is even going to make it all the way to the 4 year mark. It’s an average. Read more

Why Your Security Software Failed You

One of the most common questions we receive from people who have had problems with malware infections is, “Why didn’t my security software protect me?” If you’ve suffered a security breach, despite having such software in place, read on to find out why this may have happened, and how to prevent it in the future. If you’re lucky enough to have a network completely untouched by infection, great! If you want to keep it that way, keep reading.   Read more

Eight Ways to Keep Your Small Business Secure

If you own and operate a small business, lowering costs is an important part of keeping your company in the black. Cutting costs on your IT budget could inadvertently compromise your company’s security. Even though small businesses may not have all of the resources that large corporations do, they are still just as vulnerable to the same security threats. Here are some ways to help keep your small business secure: Read more

Cloud Computing – How will it Affect Your Business?

smilingbrunettewoman-armscrossedWe are always on the watch for the ‘next best thing’ when it comes to technology and the Internet. Certainly no one can doubt that Cloud Computing and the next generation of the Internet have had a dramatic effect on how people interact and connect with each other – both from an individual standpoint and a business one.

The hottest emerging concept that has the power to change how we perform tasks is taking place before us – and it is Cloud Computing. Simply put, it is the ability to use resources and tools via the Internet without actually owning or being near them. The only requirement is to be able to access them. Read more

7 Reasons Why Getting Rid Of Windows XP Will Likely Exorcise Hidden Gremlins And Goblins Lurking In Your Computer Network

Although many businesses have been getting rid of Windows XP for at least the last 3 years, the fact remains that as of early this year, around 500 million business computers were still running Windows XP. While the witching hour for Windows XP is still a few months away (April 9, 2014), here are 7 of the top reasons running Windows XP should scare any business owner right now:

  1. Tons Of Viruses. There is a huge library of viruses aimed at Windows XP and limited antivirus support still available.October-Image
  2. XP Is OLD (almost 12 years old!). The 1st iPod was released the • The Mandate to obtain "mandatory minimum coverage" (AKA most types of private or public health medical health insurance including Medicare and employer based coverage) includes a 3 month coverage gap exemption. same year as Windows XP. In a world where the 5th iPhone has been released, no one should be left using an O/S that pre-dates the 1st iPod!
  3. Least Secure Operating System (By Far!). ALL other platforms, including Linux, all versions of Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are more secure than XP by a huge margin. Windows Vista is actually a far safer option (scary!).
  4. Built For A Simpler Time. XP was created for a simpler world of technology. It was formatted to fit to a screen only 640 pixels wide, and it showcased IE6 as a new product. The internet was a different place when XP was developed. Smartphones were non-existent, laptops were a luxury and tablet computers were science fiction.
  5. No More Band-Aids. Only so many band-aid fixes on top of each other can be effective.
  6. Support Is Ending. All support of XP will end on April 9, 2014.  It’s time to replace your systems now while you can plan ahead.
  7. Malware Everywhere. You can continue to use XP, but with more malware than ever. XP is by far the most vulnerable platform to connect to the internet.
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