5 Reasons You Should Be Using SharePoint


For many companies and organizations, having plans and processes scattered across multiple devices and platforms becomes a stress factor. Fortunately, there are solutions designed to integrate those processes into one single point of contact. SharePoint takes all of your processes for intranet, content management, and so much more and integrate it into one single software platform. No more searching for a specific document in an unknown folder. No more sending 5 different emails to the same person in order to collaborate on one task.

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Using Twitter Without Being Logged In

Twitter is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with friends, news, and industry trends in real time. Sometimes, you need information quickly, though, and that means being able to access tweets and profiles without actually being logged in to Twitter. You can’t deny the power of Twitter as a social media and new platform, but that doesn’t mean you want to be logged in all the time or join the community. Thankfully, there are several ways you can be using Twitter without being logged in.

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The Advantages of Virtualization

Virtualization allows you to create a virtual version of something. Or, in other words, it allows you to conduct work without having the actual physical platform in front of you. The most common virtualization is computer hardware platforms. Often times, this means having a host machine where the virtualization actually takes place and a guest machine that is the virtual machine.

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How Does Cloud Computing Transform the Workplace

When people talk about modern technology, it’s hard to ignore cloud computing. The computing as a service rather than a product method of sharing, storing, and utilizing data has transformed the workplace. From the convenience of collaboration to the access of data, cloud computing allows you to be more efficient and productive in the workplace. But, how exactly does cloud computing transform the workplace?

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How to Run Windows for Mac

Apple makes great products, there is no denying that. However, sometimes you need to be able to use a Microsoft product or application, but without having Windows installed on your Mac, you won’t get far. There are several advantages to having Windows for Mac, but running the OS on a Mac can be a little tricky. You have a few options to running Windows on your Mac:

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What Does Open Source Mean?

A term that you might have heard from time to time in reference to development or production is open source. In some instances, this might be in reference to an application or even software platform. Open source is another way to say that something has a free license. In simple terms, an open source product, application, design, or software simply means that you are free to change and use design or blueprint in whatever ways you see fit in order to improve the product.

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5 Easy Things You Should Do To Protect Your Business Now

Let’s face it: no one likes to think about bad things happening to them, much less plan for them. But since September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, we want to give you a quick “brush up”on some simple things you can (and should!) be doing to protect your business.

  1. Review Your Business Insurance Carefully. Most businesses carry some type of general liability insurance that would pay them if their building and the things in it were damaged. However, many businesses do not have enough coverage to replace all the computer equipment and devices, desks, art, supplies and other things they’ve accumulated over the years that are housed in their office. Make sure you review your policy every year and keep in mind new additions and assets you’ve accumulated during that year.
  2. Consider Cloud Computing. One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that your data and assets are stored off-site in a highly secure, high-availability data center, with fail over and redundancy built in. That means that if your building were destroyed and you had to evacuate, or if your server melted down due to an unexpected hardware failure, everything you’ve worked so hard to create over the years is safe and not a sitting duck in your unsecured closet or server room.
  3. Secure Your Data. Making sure that your data is protected from theft is a never-ending battle you don’t want to lose. Companies that get hacked and expose sensitive client and employee data can face severe penalties, lawsuits and massive loss of credibility in the marketplace. Make sure you never have to send an e-mail to your customers explaining the bad news that a hacker accessed their info through you. Further, if you keep any sensitive information (even passwords to portals containing sensitive information) on portable laptops, phones and other devices, make sure you have a way of controlling and safeguarding that information.
  4. Write A Simple Disaster Recovery Plan. The key word here is “simple.” If your plan gets too complicated or difficult, you won’t do it. But at a minimum, think of the disaster that is most likely to happen and that would have a severe and negative impact on your company’s survival.
  5. Review Your Employee Internet Policy. With so many people “addicted” to Facebook and Twitter, it’s important that your employees know where the line is in what they can and can’t post online. We also recommend content-filtering software to block content and web sites you don’t want employees visiting during work hours.

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What is SSL?

SSL Security

You may or may not have seen the letters SSL on a website or an email at some point. If you’ve paid attention to a web form when providing personal information or credit card information, those three letters were more than likely there. But, what do they mean? SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, which is technology lingo for security.

It’s a little more complicated than that. SSL is standard security that encrypts links between services and clients. Usually this link happens between a web server and browser or an email server and client. What’s important for you to understand is that it keeps your sensitive information protected.

What Type of Information

It’s important to understand the type of information that SSL can keep protected for you. You might actually be surprised to learn that you utilize SSL every time you log in to a website. Typical information that SSL keeps protected includes:

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Health information

SSL helps keep people and data secure every day. Before you send any of this information through an online form, make sure you see the small lock icon or the green address bar—both are guarantees that the site has an SSL certificate.


What’s an SSL Certificate?

Essentially, the SSL certificate creates a pair of keys (one public and one private) that work to establish the encrypted connection. The most important thing about certificates is that the most come from reliable sources. A web browser won’t trust just any certificate, which can be created by almost anyone. Instead, browsers have lists of trusted Certificate Authorities they trust. With this process, a web browser can trust an organization because they are using one of the pre-approved Certificate Authorities for their SSL certificate.

Why You Need An SSL Certificate

Why do you need an SSL certificate? It’s fairly simple: in order to have users trust you and feel comfortable providing you with their private information, they need that security. In some cases, like if you’re asking for credit card information,

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you’re required to have an SSL certificate. For other things like addresses, phone numbers, social security number, and health information, your customers want to know their information is protected and having that certificate does that.