Using the iPhone Burst Mode Camera Feature

Whether you’re stuck using an iPhone 5 or 5s for a few more month or have already upgraded to a newer iPhone 6 (or 6+), there’s a great feature that you’re probably missing out on. You know how to take photos and you probably know how to take videos with your iPhone, but did you know you can take rapid burst photos with your iPhone?
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Cross Platform Security Software

More than likely, you have security programs and software set up on your computer. You follow best Internet practices and keep all of your data password protected and backed up. But, did you know that you’re still vulnerable? Because you use other devices like a cell phone or even a tablet, you could still be at risk for viruses, hacks, and other forms of spyware. Security software is no longer just for your computer. Why? Because your private information is stored in more places than ever before.

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Going VPN with Your iPad

If you’re like many modern workers, you enjoy or find it necessary to do work from home or other locations besides the office. Often, this means carrying around a laptop and depending on where you work and the type of work you do, this could mean carrying around a heavy laptop. It’s no secret that many workplaces are turning to tablets to get work done by allowing workers to be more productive in remote locations. But how does your iPad actually connect to the internal network? If you’re an Apple user, you can use the VPN with your iPad.

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Speeding Up Firefox

In today’s web browser market, there are several options: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. While you may prefer one over the other, sometimes applications or websites work better with certain browsers. Whether you prefer Firefox or need to use for a specific reason, there are quick steps you can take to improve the speed of the web browser.

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An Important Security Warning For Businesses Running Windows Server 2013

If your organization is currently running Microsoft Server 2003 on one or more servers in your office, you need to know about a dangerous security threat to your organization that must be addressed very soon. Please take a moment to read this important announcement.

As your local Microsoft Certified Partner, we are aggressively reaching out to all businesses within the Indianapolis area that use Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to alert you to this serious security risk to your organization and inform you about what you need to do now to protect your company.

All Machines Running Windows Server
2003 Must Be Replaced Very Soon

Microsoft has officially announced that it will retire support on the Server 2003 operating system on July 14, 2015. Once support ends on this 11-year-old product, there will be no further patches or security updates, exposing any company running this software to major security and compliance risks. Any server with this software installed will be completely exposed to serious hacker attacks aimed at taking control of your network, stealing data, crashing your system and inflicting a host of other business-crippling problems you do NOT want to have to deal with.

Unless you don’t care about cybercriminals running rampant in your company’s server, you MUST upgrade any servers running this operating system.

We are committed to helping all businesses in the Indianapolis area reduce the risk and expense of upgrades by offering a Windows Server 2003 Migration Plan for FREE.

The first step in any major project is preparation. At no cost, we’ll come to your office and prepare a customized Server 2003 Migration Plan for your office. In this plan, we will map out the exact steps you need to take to ensure proper migration, including the need for planned downtime, software and data restore procedures, and alternative migration options that minimize the costs involved.

Is Your Flashlight App Secure?

Have you ever found yourself needing a little extra light while searching for something in a dark room? Maybe you didn’t want to wake anyone up. Or, perhaps you just couldn’t locate the light switch. No matter your reason for needing that light, you probably just turned on your smartphone’s flashlight app. For some smartphone users, this means turning on the app that you specifically downloaded from the app store. But, did you know that could actually be a really bad thing?

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