5 Productivity Apps for Your Phone

Starting the new year off right is crucial for any business or any professional. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure you have the right tools. There are great productivity apps that you can download to your phone and increase what you accomplish on a daily basis. Whether you are a CTO or a help desk technician productivity apps for your phone can give you that extra advantage you need for the new year. Here are a few apps that you should consider downloading:


For the one stop app, Evernote can really connect you to your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. Whether you need a place to store files for on the go access or simply want to bookmark a specific website for reference, Evernote can help you keep your thoughts in order and your inspiration at hand. With a free version a couple of paid versions, Evernote can boost your productivity and help you accomplish the tasks you’ve been putting off.


Since work often takes us out of the office, it can be difficult to find the time and resources you need to collect your thoughts. Instead of scrambling for a pad of paper and pen or trying to type a note in a standard app on your phone, Vesper allows you to collect your thoughts and the things you need to remember. The best part? The app allows you to organize these notes in whatever way you would like.


If you’re looking for a calendar app that can do more than just keep track of your appointments, then Timeful is the app for you. Instead of just keeping track of your appointments, this app will make suggestions, based on algorithms, of how to be more productive. The app provides you with ways to set good habits and accomplish your goals.


For smartphones that cannot run or operate Microsoft products, Quip is a great solution for you. You can easily create documents, spreadsheets, and lists. Instead of waiting until you’re in front of a computer, you can begin working on your phone right away. One of the great features of Quip is that it allows you to chat and collaborate with other team members on projects and documents.


Has email taken over your life? Are you tired of being interrupted by emails that have nothing to do with you? With Slack, you can cut back on email and focus on what is really important: communicating. Using Slack allows for easy team collaboration. You can search for old conversations and discover the information you really need instead of dealing with emails.