5 Reasons You Should Be Using SharePoint


For many companies and organizations, having plans and processes scattered across multiple devices and platforms becomes a stress factor. Fortunately, there are solutions designed to integrate those processes into one single point of contact. SharePoint takes all of your processes for intranet, content management, and so much more and integrate it into one single software platform. No more searching for a specific document in an unknown folder. No more sending 5 different emails to the same person in order to collaborate on one task.

But, how do you know if you’re ready for SharePoint? Maybe you aren’t sure if you are to the point yet? After all, SharePoint may not be the best platform for you or your company. Before making the decision, here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider it:

Employees Use Their Own Devices

Bring your own devises is not just a passing fade in the workplace. Many companies are not only adopting the policy, but encourage it. However, with BYOD policies come with some risks and worries. For some companies, the worry of networks and drives connecting to individual’s devices is a worry and concern. SharePoint works towards eliminating those worries and concerns. By integrating on all devices, SharePoint make collaboration and work not only easier, but much more accessible.

Outdated Sites

Whether it’s your outward facing company website or your internal site, SharePoint allows you to easily create great websites. Not only is there is a great marketing tool, but a well-built website can generate sales and improve your business. When it comes to your intranet site, your employees will be much more likely to adopt it and use it the way you intend to if it is beautifully designed and well built, which will increase productivity and efficiency.


If your employees work in a team setting on any level, then SharePoint can make their jobs so much easier. Rather than emailing each other back and forth dozens of times each day, the SharePoint intranet will allow them to collaborate and work together on various projects. Whether the team is spread outa round the world or simply around one office, they can communicate and work together much more effectively with SharePoint.

Making Updates

You know how you have to call the IT guy or the guy who sits in the corner when you want to make an update to your website content? When you adopt and use SharePoint, you don’t need to know HTML in order to make content changes and edits to your website. After someone creates layouts and templates, anyone can select one of those, add content, images, and videos, then push the page to go live on a website.

Find the Right Person

Instead of emailing all of your employees or an entire team at your company, SharePoint allows users to create profiles that list their skills, projects, and specific tasks. When you need to find someone to help you on a project or find out what a particular person is working on, you simply need to do a search. No need to ask managers or HR for help, just use SharePoint. And because SharePoint is customizable, you can add fields to user’s profiles in order to add the right information.