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Business Continuity in the Face of Disaster

A little over a week ago, a total of 28 tornadoes touched down in our home state of Indiana, damaging homes, schools, and businesses across the state. This is the state’s third largest tornado outbreak on record. A little over a week later, business owners in central Indiana are still picking up the pieces, trying to get back […]

7 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Support

You own a business, so this means that you’re used to wearing many hats. Your responsibilities range from payroll and hiring to sales and operations, and even IT and administration. Wouldn’t it be great to have one of those responsibilities off of your shoulders? There are a wealth of resources to be found for those […]

How To Protect Your Company From Data Loss: Part One

While it’s impossible to plan for every little potential computer problem or emergency, a little proactive monitoring and maintenance of your network will help you avoid or greatly reduce the impact of the vast majority of computer disasters you could experience. If you don’t currently have the resources to run an IT department or bring […]

What Is The Average Life Of A Computer?

How long can a computer live before it bites the dust? The average life of a computer is between 4-5 years. Averages, by definition, are not a hard and fast number. In mathematics, an average is the intermediate number or degree. What does that mean? That doesn’t mean your computer is going to self destruct […]

Why Your Security Software Failed You

One of the most common questions we receive from people who have had problems with malware infections is, “Why didn’t my security software protect me?” If you’ve suffered a security breach, despite having such software in place, read on to find out why this may have happened, and how to prevent it in the future. […]

Eight Ways to Keep Your Small Business Secure

If you own and operate a small business, lowering costs is an important part of keeping your company in the black. Cutting costs on your IT budget could inadvertently compromise your company’s security. Even though small businesses may not have all of the resources that large corporations do, they are still just as vulnerable to […]

Save Time and Money With Managed IT Services

If there is one thing most small businesses can agree on, it is that time equals money. Small business owners are often in the position of wearing many different hats throughout their day. This is the nature of the small business and while expected, is not always the best way to distribute one’s time. In […]