How Does Cloud Computing Transform the Workplace

When people talk about modern technology, it’s hard to ignore cloud computing. The computing as a service rather than a product method of sharing, storing, and utilizing data has transformed the workplace. From the convenience of collaboration to the access of data, cloud computing allows you to be more efficient and productive in the workplace. But, how exactly does cloud computing transform the workplace?


More and more employees are working away from the traditional central office, setting up their own virtual offices at coffee shops, homes, libraries, and nearly anywhere with an internet connection. In the past, workers were expected to punch in at 9 o’clock, sit at their desks, and leave at 5. However, cloud computing allows employees to work virtually anywhere. Because of cloud technologies, employees can work through project management applications, access files, and gain access to networks with an internet connection. Cloud computing can allow work to be done securely, which means you don’t need to worry about data theft or corruption when employees telecommute.


Perhaps one of the best values of cloud computing for the workplace is collaboration. No Cloud Computing Collaborationmore printing off documents and walking over to your coworker’s desk to share ideas. No more emailing and saving drafts that have been edited. Instead, you can utilize cloud
technologies to store data and files in one centralized location that every employee who needs access to it can access it. With a more convenient and efficient way of collaborating, your workplace will easily become more productive and in turn profitable.

Data on the Go

Employees use their mobile devices more each day. While some companies are reluctant to allow employees to use their personal mobile devices for work purposes, it’s hard to
deny that the benefits exist. When employees are able to access data and information from their phone, they can work anywhere. Have a client meeting? Access your notes from a tablet or smart phone. Need to send a file to a coworker while on your morning commute? Access files and data and share what you need to. Work goes with you and is always there when you need it.Cloud Computing on the Go

Data Backup and Recovery

If you aren’t interested in telecommuting, collaboration, or on the go access, then perhaps backing up your data and files is important to you. With the cloud, you have a chance to save important information is a secured place. The cloud isn’t just going to crash or go down like your computer or server. The cloud exists online and not in a physical place. If you happen lose files on your computer and are using cloud backup capabilities, then you will easily recover the information you lost.

Cloud computing is the future of the workplace. Taking advantage of these technologies now will allow for easier transitions as technologies advance and will help your organization become more productive, profitable, and efficient. The Diverse Tech team is experienced in Cloud computing, from line of business applications, virtual desktops, cloud backups, disaster planning, cloud-based application development and more.