Clouds in 2014 : A Small Business IT Forecast

A recent small business survey shows companies plan to reduce in-house IT resources and move to the cloud in 2014 to save money and stay connected to customers. This post includes highlights from an article posted on,  where their contributing editor, Pedro Hernandez wrote about the survey conducted by j2 Global, a cloud service provider and the digital media company behind eFax, Campaigner and KeepItSafe.  

The Cloud Lowers Costs for Small Business


The shift to cloud services comes down to savings. “Sixty percent said they want to do it because of cost,” said Pugh. Nearly 20 percent said that they expect savings of more than $1,000 per year.

Yet, the survey of 1,600 professionals also showed that small businesses have  trouble letting go of their aging technology, and “88 percent of respondents said they want to—and plan to—move legacy technology into the cloud in 2014.”

Staying Connected with Employees and Customers

44% of the survey respondents said they “will focus on tried-and-true practices when it comes to email marketing, with plans to leverage automation tools and run email campaigns to inspire sharing on social networks.”

And the cloud also makes it easier for SMB employees to work anywhere. Countering Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s views on remote work, over a third (36 percent) of those surveyed said that they plan to provide their workers flexible policies in an effort to attract and retain talent in 2014.

“More clients are asking us to help them migrate voice and data infrastructure to the cloud so they can focus resources on their core business drivers”, said Rod Peerman, CTO of Diverse Tech Services.”

Peerman states that by freeing up resources traditionally used to manage IT and telecom systems, small business owners can realize significant savings, and better serve their customers. It’s hard to argue against the budgetary benefits of subscribing to flat-fee  managed IT and VoIP services versus buying, maintaining and upgrading on-premises systems.

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