Creating Your Data Disaster Recovery Plan

As a business owner, you rely on your data every day. You rely on data to make improvements, operate, and manage your business. However, do you have your data backed-up properly? Do you know what to do if your server crashes? What happens if a data disaster strikes and you are properly prepared to handle that?  A Data Disaster Recovery Plan will not only help you prepare for a situation like those, it will outline how to recover from the disaster and keeps your business running smoothly.

Know Where Your Data is Saved

The first step in setting up a Data Disaster Recovery Plan is knowing exactly where your data and information is stored and saved. If you don’t have a plan in place already, then this information could be in various places, which will make recovering it much more difficult. Instead, work to move all of your critical data to one secured, central location that will allow for much easier recovery.

Ensure Proper Security is in Place

After you have moved your data into a centralized location, it’s time to lock it down. One of the biggest threats some companies face is hacking from an outside party. In order to avoid this, you need to make sure you have proper Firewalls and password protection in place. This security doesn’t stop with logging into a computer. It needs to be rooted much deeper than that to protect your server and network(s) from being hacked.

Create a Protected List of Passwords and Critical Information

After you have ensured your data is protected through various security efforts, you need to create a master list of your passwords and any critical key information that may be needed to access your data. With this list, you may be able to access information should be placed on lockdown or if hackers have removed access from the data.

Creating a Data Disaster Recovery Plan is not a simple task and should be done so in partnership with professionals. At Diverse Tech Services, we always have your data and your security in mind. Our specialists can not only aid you in creating a custom Data Recover Plan, but can help you ensure the proper security measures are in place to protect you and your data. Contact us at 317-524-5700 to learn how we can start helping your organization today.