Cross Platform Security Software

More than likely, you have security programs and software set up on your computer. You follow best Internet practices and keep all of your data password protected and backed up. But, did you know that you’re still vulnerable? Because you use other devices like a cell phone or even a tablet, you could still be at risk for viruses, hacks, and other forms of spyware. Security software is no longer just for your computer. Why? Because your private information is stored in more places than ever before.

From PCs to mobile devices all the way to the game systems your kids use, your information is stored in a variety of places and they are all at risk. Here is how you can help keep your vital information safe across all of your devices:

Configure Your Router

You aren’t always at home browsing on your phone or you mobile device, but other devices like game systems that connect to the Internet use your home router and network every day. One way to help keep your devices safe, when connecting to the home Internet is to change the settings or your device so that it looks up IP addresses rather than domain names. Taking advantage of a service like OpenDNS allows you to run several different configuration options and there filters will help you avoid malicious sites and phishing sites.

Security Apps

Depending on the type of security software you have for your computer, there may be apps for your mobile devices. Some security suites come with apps you can download and install on other devices. Utilizing these will allow you to have cross-platform security.  In some cases these apps can be managed from other devices and allow you to trace, lock, and wipe information from the device remotely. Though not all of the security software options are this robust, most of them do include anti-virus and anti-theft applications.

Parental Settings
Another great option you have for keeping your information and your kids information safe and secure is to utilize parental settings. On mobile devices and gaming systems, there are several ways you can limit what applications are downloaded, how those apps are used, and who can gain certain information. Before you just turn kids loose on devices, check the settings and make sure they are staying protected.

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