Out of Date Virus Scanner

You probably get that annoying pop-up window down in the lower right hand corner of your screen about your virus scanner. If you’re like most users, you probably even click on ignore or update later, but if you knew the damage that could cause, you wouldn’t. Out of date virus scanners can actually be just as harmful to your data and your computer as not having a virus scanner.

When choose the ignore option on that pop-up window, a thought similar to “it’s not like I don’t have protection. I’ll just update it later.” But, the truth is, the protection you have is out of date, unless you actually run that update. And if your protection is out of date, then it isn’t doing its job properly.

Viruses Are Ever Changing and Evolving

One of the largest issues that you face when you don’t update your virus scanner is the ever changing and evolving world of viruses. Those who unleash these computer minions on the world are smart and sneaky. They know what works and doesn’t work and when you leave yourself vulnerable, they will attack. Viruses are made to adapt and they do exactly what they are programmed to do.

Out of Date Signatures

Virus scanners operate by comparing ‘signatures’ stored in their data to the ‘signatures’ of viruses. When a new virus is released, it has a new signature and if your virus scanner doesn’t recognize the signature as being a virus, it won’t do anything. Virus scanners constantly monitor your emails, files, and data looking for these signatures, but if it doesn’t have the updated signature list, then it won’t catch any of the new viruses going around.

Stay Ahead of the Curve


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do the majority of their damage during their first few days. During this time, virus scanners begin to detect the signatures that are causing all of the damage and start adding them to the list of updated signatures. By keeping your scanner current, you can help others avoid harmful computer viruses and the spread of viruses will be limited and controlled.

Update Your Virus Scanner

Updating your virus scanner may seem like a hassle, but it is well worth the time it takes to update. The next time your scanner software has a pop-up about running an update, don’t just automatically click the ‘ignore’ button. Another option you have to update the scanner is to visit the website of the company who runs your scanner software and see if they have any updates available.

What do you do to avoid viruses? Have you updated your scanner lately? Let us know your tips in the comments section below!

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net