How to Make Your Password Stronger

How to Make Your Password Stronger

With the world increasingly turning to the Internet for solutions, work, finances, and basically everything else, passwords have become our first line of defense. But, what happens when that line is broken? What happens when your password has been cracked? The reality is, you can lose a lot because once someone has our password, then gain access to most of your life.

In order to help make sure hackers don’t gain that access, you need to make your password stronger. But, how do you do that? Making your password stronger doesn’t need to be as complicated as some would think. You just need to know what making passwords longer, complex, containing symbols, letters, and numbers are going to be more effective. Here are some individual tips for making passwords stronger:

  • Avoid the “password” trap. Until recently, the word “password” was the most used password online. Not only is using something common risky, but it’s easy for hackers to break. Using a number sequence like “123456” is just as bad. Instead of using a regular word, you need to make sure your password is unique. Hackers can use software that scans for almost every known word, so make sure you aren’t using any common terms.
  • Don’t use your name or your birthday. By using your name or your birthday, you can make it incredibly easy for a hacker to gain access to your information. The only thing someone would need to do is a little research on you and then they can use that information to you hack your accounts and profiles. You should also avoid using your kid’s names and the names of pets.
  • Be sure you can remember your password. In an attempt to make your password stronger, you might run into one issue: you’ve made it so complicated you can’t remember it anymore. Yes, a complex password containing a random set of numbers, symbols, and letters is extremely hard to crack, but if you can’t remember the password yourself, then it isn’t doing you much good.
  • Make it memorable. Your password needs to be unique to you, which means it should be something you can easily remember, but others couldn’t easily guess. For example, you can take a work or phrase and spell it out with symbols, lower case letters, numbers, and uppercase letters. One of the things you should think about is how you can vary this password from one account to another.
  • Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. When you use the same password for multiple accounts, no matter how strong it is, you leave yourself susceptible to hacks. Once a hacker has figured out your password, they can then quickly and easily access all of your accounts, so make sure you mix things up a little.

Once you’ve create a new and stronger password, make sure you test with a free resource like How Secure is My Password to determine if it really is strong or not. If your password isn’t very strong, the app will even give you some more specific information on how to make your password stronger.

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