Necessity of Network Security

Network SecurityEvery day you use your office computer you most likely partake in computer security initiatives. When you’re at work, you’ve probably noticed or been told that your computers are on a network. Without really understanding what that means, you just accept it and move on. However, your network and more importantly network security are vital things to your company.

What is a network exactly? Your company’s network serves the function of exchanging data. Through cables and wireless exchanges, your work computer is constantly talking to other computers. It’s through this function that most office workers are able to accomplish their tasks, which is why network security is so crucial.

Crippling the SystemNetwork Setup

When you open emails or click on a pop-up, you probably don’t think too much about it. After all, why would someone want to hack your computer or even your company’s network? You’d be surprised at how little information a computer hacker needs to steal your identity, plant a virus, or do a number of other things. Once a hacker gains access to your network, they can steal almost anything they want.

Following the Policy

So, how do you, as an employee, keep the network safe? If you aren’t in IT or don’t even fully understand what the network does, then how are you supposed to keep it safe? It’s important to know how important the network is to your company. From financial documents to passwords, your network stores and transfers information all day long, which is why network security is such a huge deal. Your company has placed spam blockers, virus detectors, and other protocols in place to keep your network secure, but what else can you do?

Network Policy
Computer policies exist for a reason. One of the reasons certain sites are blocked and your computer use is
monitored is to ensure that your computer doesn’t become the entrance for viruses, hackers, and other malicious attacks. It’s part of your job, as an employee, to make sure you don’t open email attachments that come from an unknown source, make sure you have strong passwords, and ensure that you are following the policies when it comes to computer use.

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