Running Your Business From Your Phone

If you are a manager or owner of a company, your life is probably spent in meetings, answering emails, traveling, and a whole slew of other responsibilities. For many, work may take you out of the office, which means running your business can become even more complicated than it already is. Thankfully, today’s technology filled world means that running your business form your phone is completely possible. With so many apps available to schedule your time, manage your tasks, and stay connected to your work, it really is possible to run your business from your phone. Here are a few ways you can do this:

Managing Your Time

While your phone undoubtedly came with a calendar app and maybe even a task/reminder app, it may not be enough to fully power your day. Calendar apps are great for the larger picture, like your month or even your year, but you need something powerful for day to day use. An app like Cal allows you to see your entire day from start to finish. Whether you have meetings, projects, or tasks, an app like Cal will allow you to manage your time much more efficiently, which means you can spend more time working on the things that really matter.

Staying Connected with the Office

When it comes to managing and running your business remotely, one of the most critical pieces you need is the ability to stay connected to employees, projects, and files. A great solution for this is SharePoint. From this online application, you can see and interact with your employees through the intranet, manage projects, collaborate, and store your documents. But, SharePoint doesn’t stop there. In fact, you can manage social media accounts and even your website from this application. SharePoint is also a customizable solution for staying connected, which means you can tailor it to fit your needs.

Taking Advantaged of Cloud Technology and Storage

By far, one of the biggest advantage modern business owners and managers have is the ability to use cloud technology. From storing data to working collaboratively from remote locations, cloud technologies can power and empower your organization. With tools to store files, you can easily access your data anywhere from almost any device, like your phone. But, cloud technologies don’t stop there. You can also edit and work with team members on those files to accomplish goals and complete tasks.

Are you looking to update your enterprise technologies? Is it time to take advantage of tools like SharePoint and cloud technologies? If you’re ready to talk about what technology and application can do for you and your business, then contact Diverse Tech Services today. We’re here to help you manage, protect, and grow your organization.