Should You Hire Or Outsource to an External IT Service Provider?

ITprofessional-armscrossedMost small business owners handle all aspects of their businesses, including but not limited to, acting as the head of every business services department, often filling production and administrative roles as well. This will work for as long as a small business is in lean mode; without employees. When the business grows and you must start hiring staff, would you prefer to use your business-building time on handling technology issues and maintenance or growing your business – shoring up sales and marketing efforts, focusing on providing excellent levels of customer service, and making connections in your community? Unless you are an Information Technology Service Provider yourself, chances are your time will be much better spent on the latter – so why not outsource to an external IT Service Provider?

How do you know when it’s time to get IT help? If your organization’s information technology demands are affecting your day to day operations and negatively impacting your time spent on actual business related activities – it’s definitely time to consider finding an IT resource. If you start adding new employees and computers, it’s probably a good time to look into adding IT help as well.

Should You Hire Internal IT Staff or Outsource to an External IT Service Provider?

When you make the decision to find an IT resource, your first decision will be whether you need to hire one or more staff members, or if you’re going to take advantage of outsourcing to fulfill your needs. Having dedicated IT staff means they are one-hundred percent committed to your business. They’re not splitting their time among numerous clients the way a contracted company might. One of the benefits of having an IT department is that the staff develops a strong understanding of Free Trial Login Diet ReportSee the calories in over 22,000 UK foods – The Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible BEST PRICE ON THE WEB!Atkins DietBlood Group DietCabbage Soup DietsGI DietsLow Fat DietsHigh Fibre DietsLow Carb DietsSouth Beach DietsTraffic Light DietGI PlanBody Clock DietSugar Addicts DietNo Carbs After 5pmAbs DietX Factor DietNew York Body PlanCoconut DietAnnDayleSarahA safe and sensible detox plan by Weight Loss Resource’s Dietitian, Juliette Kellow. your unique business needs and should be in a good position to manage your short and long term needs. With your own IT staff on payroll, you know you’ve always got someone available should an emergency or urgent situation present itself.

The primary disadvantage of hiring IT staff is that you’ll be paying for their benefits, training, and all of the costs associated with hiring a new employee. Not to mention, a salaried employee in your IT department must be paid the originally agreed-upon amount, regardless of how much IT work you end up having, which means you may be overpaying based on workload!

There are a variety of advantages of outsourcing to an external IT service provider over hiring staff. You can choose to outsource your information technology needs to a flat rate IT service provider and reduce your monthly and overall costs. Having a virtual IT department lets you focus more on running your business rather than the technology that supports it. You aren’t stuck paying employee benefits or other employee costs, and you aren’t responsible for making sure the IT team remains up to date with their training and knowledge.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right information technology help for a growing business needs is challenging. When you think strategically about your business’ unique IT requirements, you can make sound decisions that further promote its growth and profitability.