Seven Reasons Manufacturers Need Managed Services

  1. Skilled Resources: With an experienced managed services partner, manufacturers gain access to technologists with diverse experiences and depth of knowledge that can help them balance their IT needs with effectively running a manufacturing business.
  2. Lower Costs: These experienced, efficient technology experts are likely a fraction of the cost of full-time employees staffed round the clock thanks to managed services’ shared resource model.
  3. Best Practices: No more cutting corners. Professional managed services providers (MSPs) adhere to proven industry standards like the Information Technology Infrastructure Library’s (ITIL v3) best practices; Companies that operate on a global basis should also be able to deliver a common services platform that is consistent across all geographies, yet is flexible enough to meet unique regional needs.
  4. Proactive vs. Reactive Management: MSPs can offer detailed performance reviews that allow manufacturers to examine operational analytics and address issues proactively before a major service outage is experienced.
  5. Guaranteed Uptime: Using a managed services provider reduces the risk of downtime by properly managing physical, storage, and fixed network assets.  All changes are captured in an auditable configuration management database (CMDB) for compliance purposes, and stringent SLAs can be custom tailored to the organization’s needs.
  6. Predictable Costs: By embracing a managed service model, manufacturers can simplify budgeting with more predictable monthly costs for technology management.
  7. Time Savings: Knowing that they have a robust, reliable infrastructure in place puts the manufacturer’s struggle of prioritizing IT needs in the past. Previously overworked IT employees can now redirect their efforts to more value-added activities, focusing their time and attention on supporting business initiatives and building competitive advantage.

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