Cross Platform Security Software

More than likely, you have security programs and software set up on your computer. You follow best Internet practices and keep all of your data password protected and backed up. But, did you know that you’re still vulnerable? Because you use other devices like a cell phone or even a tablet, you could still be at risk for viruses, hacks, and other forms of spyware. Security software is no longer just for your computer. Why? Because your private information is stored in more places than ever before.

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What to Consider When Choosing Enterprise Software

For any company, the software you use on a daily basis is critical to operations, productivity, profitability, and number of other factors. Choosing the right enterprise software can be a difficult decision to make and is certainly not one you want to make lightly. As you go into the process of deciding what software solution is best for your company, there are several factors you need to take into consideration:

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Checking Your Software Sources

Imagine sitting down to your computer first thing in the morning, opening up the software you downloaded last night, and then realizing that nothing is working properly. It can be a completely frustrating and overwhelming feeling to know that your computer has been hacked, corrupted, or even attacked with malware. Knowing where your software comes from and who it is coming from is the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your computer safe.

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